Stories of the children you've helped through CBM



Here we regularly update our supporters with new stories about children, adults and families that have been helped thanks only to the generosity of people like you, who believe in ending the cycle of poverty and disability for good.



Picture of Shakulu

When Shakulu was five months old, his mother noticed white spots in his eyes. He had cataracts. Fortunately for Shakulu, our partner heard about his condition and covered the cost of his surgery with the help of our supporters. Read Shakulu's story →


Picture of Beltivette

Beltivette was born with knock-knee, a condition that made walking difficult and painful for her. Eventually, without the surgery she got, she would have lost the ability to walk forever. Read Beltivette's story →



Picture of Richie and his mother

Richie was born with a disability and is unable to sit up, walk or talk. When Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti, it ripped the roof off their house and his mother struggled to keep him safe. With support from CBM donors she can now re-build their lives. Read Richie's story →


Picture of Novellah

Novellah was born with normal eyesight. But one day, she injured her right eye and developed a cataract. She was slowly losing all sight in her right eye. Thankfully she received surgery from a CBM-funded clinic before it was too late - thanks only to the support of generous donors. Read Novellah's story →