Today, Novellah goes to school as her vision is improving


Novellah was born with normal eyesight. But one day when she was just 2.5 years old, she injured her right eye while she was playing with other children in the neighbourhood. Her parents took her to a clinic where she received treatment and recovered.

However, a few months later, they noticed a white spot in the same eye that had been injured. At home Novellah was able to see her surroundings with the left eye, but the spot in the right eye became bigger and denser, making it almost impossible for her to see with it. Her father Yafesi got worried.

“We took Novellah from one clinic to another, but all the eye drops from the clinics did not remove it. After several examinations, I was told that the white spot in her eye was a cataract and Novellah needed surgery. But when I was told how much it would cost, I knew I could never afford to pay as it was more than my monthly salary."

Will you please help us give a child like Novellah the surgery they need to save their sight?

For a child with cataract at such a young age, time is of the essence. Our surgeons have found that the earlier they operate, the more successful the surgery will be. It is imperative that we operate on them before they reach the age of eight, or the eye cannot learn to see properly.

For Novellah, hope and help finally came when her father heard about a nearby CBM-funded eye clinic in Kampala, which offered to pay for Novellah's cataract surgery.

“I feel good that she is finally going to be operated because I know the eye will recover its sight back. Back at home, other children were laughing at her, that she was one-eyed. She would then get annoyed and keep quiet."

Novellah has now had her surgery and her vision is improving. She has also joined school and has a bright future ahead of her, thanks to people like you.

Give another child like Novellah a chance to see the world and all the beauty it holds and donate today.

Novellah smiles at the camera. We can see the cataract in her right eye.
A doctor tests Novellah's vision after her surgery.