Policies & Codes

CBM Ireland adheres to a number of policies and codes of conduct in relation to fundraising, communications, and safe-guarding the people we support overseas.


Charities Regulator Public Fundraising Guidelines

CBM Ireland complies with the Charities Regulator Public Fundraising Guidelines to ensure the better administration and management of our organisation. Read about Public Fundraising Guidelines here.


Cii Fundraising Codes of Good Practice

CBM Ireland commits to applying the Cii Fundraising Codes of Good Practice to guarantee we are doing the best we can to follow best practice and are operating in as transparent, effective and professional a manner as possible. Read about Fundraising Codes of Good Practice here.


Dóchas Code of Conduct

CBM Ireland is a signatory of the Dóchas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages and commits to applying the Code’s principles to ensure sound and fair communications. Read about Dóchas' Code of Conduct here.

This video belongs to Dóchas.


Child and Adults-at-risk Safeguarding

Child and adults-at-risk safeguarding is a core policy commitment of CBM. This guides CBM’s programmes and operations as we work towards our goal of improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in the poorest communities of the world. Read about CBM's safeguarding policy here. CBM Ireland’s appointed safeguarding focal person is Programme Manager Louise Talbot Beirne.


CBM International Employee Code of Conduct

The purpose of this code of conduct is to state CBM's commitment and define conduct which is ethical, legal, and consistent with the organisation's values, mission and professional standards. In addition, this Code outlines and gives general guidelines to all CBM eV employees for conducting themselves in a manner that upholds and maintains CBM’s Core Values and Mission Statement. Read the International Employee Code of Conduct here.


CBM International Whistle-blower System

As a member of CBM International, CBM Ireland is committed to foster an organisational culture in which corruption and fraud are never acceptable and not tolerated. As a matter of principle, CBM encourages its employees to speak directly with their superiors and in cases of red flags directly with Internal Audit. Should such dialogues not be possible or for some reason are not feasible, an anonymous whistle-blower system is available to employees, volunteers, suppliers and partners, regardless of location and time zone. Read about CBM's International Whistle-blower system.


CBM International Guidelines on Accessible Communication

CBM Ireland is part of CBM International Guidelines on Accessible Communication and guarantees accessible communication to allow the widest range of users and communication partners to make use of the information to be transferred. Read about CBM's Guidelines on Accessible Communication.


Complaints procedure

If you have any complaint about the way that CBM Ireland complies with these Codes of Conduct, please contact our CEO, Sarah O’Toole and we will respond to you as soon as possible

  • Email:

  • Phone: +353 1 8730300

  • Post: 176 Ivy Exchange, Granby Place, Dublin 1

Rehema is happy after receiving surgery to treat her clubfeet.
Augustine is smiling and can now open his eyes for the doctor to assess his vision.
8-month-old Baraka was born with bilateral clubfeet. He is undergoing serial casting to correct the deformity.