In the wake of hurricane Matthew, you brought hope to a child like Richie


Richie’s mother had to act fast to save her five year old son when Hurricane Matthew rippedthe roof off their home. Large pieces of the roof crumbled, falling on and injuring Richie where he lay. Sadly, Richie couldn’t move to protect himself. Unable to sit up, walk or talk, he relies on his mother to care for him day and night. Before the storm hit, Richie’s mother Martha worked as a merchant, selling rice, oil and spaghetti. But after Hurricane Matthew hit, she lost her livelihood.

CBM community workers visited her family and gave her two chickens and two goats. Once the animals reproduced, she was be able to sell the offspring for money to help care for her son.

“I was beginning to lose hope. But CBM has come and helped us. I just want to be able to take care of Richie and give him what he needs.”

Please donate today and help us support children like Richie and their families during and after humanitarian crises.

In the year after the hurricane, you helped CBM…

  • Identify 6,537 people with disabilities referring many to medical care and other basic services and support
  • Distribute seeds and livestock to over 5,000 people
  • Provide financial support through cash transfers to people with disabilities so they could access medical care
  • Rebuild and re-stock equipment and learning materials in eight schools (including rehabilitation centres)

When disasters strike, people with disabilities are always the most vulnerable and often are put to the back of the queue. We believe that no one should be left behind, and work hard to help the most vulnerable when they need it the most.

Will you please support our humanitarian work and give hope again to a child like Richie and his family?

Martha, Richie's mother, holds her son
CBM Emergency response team investigates damage after the hurricane