Annual reports


Central to everything we do is our commitment to being clear, honest and transparent about how we use your gifts as we value being an ethically run organisation, and the trust of our donors. CBM Ireland is accountable to its supporters, and to its beneficiaries – people who live with a disability in the poorest parts of the world. Our staff are committed to protecting vulnerable people and safeguarding their human rights and dignity, and are held accountable to the highest standards of ethics and conduct.

CBM Ireland operates with a small, efficient and dedicated team. Our Board of Directors oversees all aspects of the organisation including governance and finance and all members serve in a voluntary capacity. That means every euro you donate to CBM works as hard as it can to help the people who need it most. 

CBM Ireland is a Member Association of CBM International and complies with its international standards of accountability and reporting. Read more about Accountability and Reporting here.

Registered Charity

CBM Ireland is a fully registered Irish charity with the Revenue Commissioners (Charity registration number: CHY 14987) and with the Charities Regulatory Authority (Registration number: 20050405). CBM Ireland is also a member of Charities Institute Ireland and operate to the "Triple Lock" standards for transparency, fundraising, and good governance.

Annual accounts

Our financial statements are audited independently every year. Our financial reporting is carried out in accordance with the internationally recognised Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP). See below to read our latest annual reports.

Annual Accounts 2018

Annual Accounts 2017

Annual Accounts 2016

Annual Accounts 2015

Two girls play with a doll.
Omari and his father, Amiri can't stop smiling as a doctor comes and removes the bandages after Omari's cataract surgery.