Please will you give the gift of sight to a child like Milly?

Sight appeal for Milly


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Every day, 14-year-old Milly wakes up with her three siblings, who leave for school while she stays at home. A girl her age would normally go to school, but Milly has cataracts and can barely see. She has lived with this condition for over four years. Her mother Dorica is on the verge of tears when she talks about her condition.

“Milly was born with normal vision and enjoyed her childhood. She grew up to be a hard working girl, until she told us she couldn’t see what was written on the blackboard anymore. Since then her life has changed.”

For a child who once had perfect sight, it was difficult both emotionally and physically to cope with near blindness.  One of the worst things for Milly, was having to drop out of school.

“That day is imprinted on my mind. It pained me that I had to stay at home while my friends and siblings went to school. I burnt all my books. But if I get surgery and regain my sight, I will go back to school and study to be a nurse.”

A generous CBM donor helped pay for her travel to be examined, and after examining her, the doctor tells her the good news: her sight will be saved through surgery! Based on the small income her parents earn from farming, they cannot afford the operation, so CBM will pay for it, thanks to generous donors.

When Milly wakes up, her parents are waiting by her side. She is anxious to know what her fate will be when the green eye patches are removed. When the nurse comes to remove them, Milly’s parents look at her in anticipation. After four years of living in the dark, it comes down to this moment.

“Milly, can you see anything?” the doctor asks. “Yes! I can see! I feel so happy.”

For the first time in over four years she can see her parents and herself in the mirror. This brings a smile on her face.

“We are happy because Milly can walk independently and go back to school to pursue her dreams. We thank you for what you have done for our daughter,” her father Wilfred says.

Please will you help another child like Milly receive sight-saving surgery, so they can go back to school?