Thanks to CBM supporters, Mbida can walk away from a future of poverty


The first steps a child like Mbida takes are not just difficult, they’re painful.

You see, Mbida has a condition called clubfoot. This means when he was born his little feet were twisted, his soles facing upward and his ankles twisted inward.

Without treatment, his feet would have become stiffer and his bones would have twisted, making correction increasingly difficult and eventually impossible.

Mbida had already lost more than the ability to walk. In his short life, he had lost both of his parents, and was left in the loving care of his grandmother, Mama Sitha.

But Mama Sitha was elderly and feared for her grandson’s future. His condition meant that when other children walked to school, he was left at home, unable to walk the distance. Unable to play with his friends. Unable to receive an education and live free from poverty.

Will you help us to reach more children in need of surgery?

Children born with treatable conditions in very remote, very poor communities often have no real medical services. Success depends on them receiving timely treatment. Before their conditions get so bad that there’s nothing we can do, or they grow too big for treatment to be viable any longer.

Without help in time, the result is permanent disability. And a life with seriously diminished opportunities.

Thanks to the generosity of CBM supporters, Mbida will now be able to look forward to a future where he can walk without pain, get an education and build a life for himself away from poverty.

But today another child needs your help. A child whose every step is filled with pain and whose chance of a better future is in danger of slipping away.

It’s thanks to CBM supporters that we can reach more children suffering from preventable and treatable conditions.

Before her surgery, Beltivette often had to be carried to go to school or fetch water.
Beltivette is smiling after her surgery.