Thanks to you, Kadir has a bright future ahead


Aren’t cataracts a condition that we only have to deal with as we get older?

That’s what you’d expect at home in Ireland. But in the developing world – in countries like Kenya, where Kadir lives – a great many babies are born with cataracts. They are known as congenital cataracts, and they are the leading cause of treatable blindness in children worldwide.

What chance does a child stand if they are born with cataracts and goes untreated?

By the time he was just 2 years-old, Kadir was already dangerously close to blindness. His Aunt Bidi told CBM of the problems Kadir had with his sight.

“I noticed that there was a problem with his eyes. He liked to play, but he knocked into things and hurt himself. I would ask him to go and fetch things for me, and he would not be able to find them.”

Then when Kadir started school, his teacher quickly spotted there was something wrong. He was sent home and his parents were told that Kadir needed to see an eye doctor urgently.

Desperate to do something for their little boy, Kadir’s parents took him the 120km to the nearest hospital to find out what could be done to help him. But when they got there they were told they would have to pay just to see the doctor, and they quite simply could not afford to.

Through the wonderful support of the CBM family, that there was a CBM funded eye clinic they could take Kadir to right in the same town as the hospital.

Kadir was seen by CBM’s Dr. Ibrahim Matende, who diagnosed Kadir with congenital bilateral cataracts. At first, his parents were distraught, because they knew that cataracts meant blindness, and that blindness meant Kadir would never go to school, never get any qualifications, never get a job, and never be able to support himself.

But then their hearts filled with joy because Dr. Matende told them that Kadir’s blindness could be cured. The cataracts could be removed. He would get his sight back. And get his future back too.

And most joyous of all . . . this miracle would not cost them a single shilling, thanks to the kindness and goodness of CBM supporters like you right here in Ireland.

Please can you give a gift to ensure another little boy will have a bright future?

Shakulu, in his mother's arms, looks at the eye test chart.