EMERGENCY APPEAL – help victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia


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We urgently need your help to provide life-saving essentials

Horrifying images of destruction have been pasted all over the news the last few days. On 28th September a massive 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, triggering a towering wave that slammed into the coastline at nearly five hundred miles an hour. The death toll is over 1,400 and rising. Families have been left homeless - whole communities destroyed. Access to affected areas is challenging and the situation on the ground is reported chaotic.

But thanks to our generous supporters we are on the ground working with local partners undertaking a rapid needs assessment.

We need to send medical aid, treat injuries, deliver food, water, and protection for vulnerable people separated from their families - children, elderly, and people with disabilities.

We need your help to deliver this life-saving work.

Please will you give a gift today to help some of the most vulnerable people devastated by this disaster:

Call 1800 225 225

Online: cbm.ie/donate

CBM supporters know all too well that at times like these, it's often the most vulnerable who get left to the back of the queue. People who are blind, or who cannot walk, simply cannot fight for survival in the same way that others can. Not unless we make sure they are included in all emergency response. You can help us do that today.

Please will you give an emergency gift to provide life-saving essentials?

Donate here now.