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Sight appeal for Elija


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“A simple sunbeam is enough to drive away the shadows” St. Francis of Assisi

For seven-year-old Elija, CBM supporters were just like that sunbeam. Enough to drive away the shadows of darkness from his everyday life.

Elija had cataracts. He was slowly going blind - unable to study, help out at home, or play with his friends. He couldn’t make the best of his artistic talents.

His mother, Blardina, became more and more worried about his future. Despite her worry about the cost, she took Elija to the nearest outreach clinic.

Thankfully, the clinic referred her to the CBM-funded St. Francis Mission Hospital.

Here, the CBM team quickly assessed Elija and he received surgery to correct his cataract problem. He recovered well - and it changed everything for him. He can walk to school with confidence now. He was back to being a happy, artistic, studious seven-year-old.

“Do you want to be an artist when you grow up?” we ask Elija.

“No, I want to be a doctor.” he smiles shyly.

Little wonder, now that Elija has seen the miracles doctors can work.

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