Your support means that more children like Julienne can receive an education

Inclusive education appeal


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At this time of the children all over Ireland are heading back to school.

In some parts of the world, however, some children are unable to attend school. A combination of poverty and disability means that children cannot access the education they deserve.

Children like Julienne.

Born in rural Cameroon, Julienne has a condition known as strong low vision. Her double-disadvantage of disability and poverty meant that Julienne would almost certainly be denied an education. A three hour drive seperated her from the school that had the resources available to help her in her studies.

Thankfully, CBM supporters have made Julienne’s dreams of an education a reality.

She was identified by CBM’s Outreach team as someone in need of help, and through CBM’s partner school, Julienne is thriving in her new environment.

She now attends a school that has the resources she needs to succeed. Her school is fully accessible and is equipped with the materials children like Julienne need. She is taught Braille, so she isn’t excluded from any subject, and in the final two years she will be taught to type. The students stay in the nearby boarding centre, where guardians from the school care for them with love and acceptance.

Julienne’s dream of an education came true thanks to the generous gifts of CBM supporters. Today, you have the opportunity to support another child’s education and help them build a life away from poverty.

Will you help another child like Julienne?