Please will you save a child like Sebastian from disaster?

Emergency fund appeal


Did you know? If you give €250 or more to CBM in a calendar year, your donation could be worth 45% more.

Through the Revenue Commissioners Tax Efficient Giving Scheme, we could claim at least €112 if you fill out a tax relief form.

Sebastian was at home with his mum, aunt and cousins when the massive earthquake struck Haiti.

He was going up the front stairs to get in to the house when it collapsed. Everyone else in the house was killed.

One of the bodies fell on Sebastian’s foot, as well as a beam on his body. He was trapped for three days in the rubble. He bravely told us that his mother lay dead beside him the whole time.

Thankfully, generous gifts to our emergency fund helped Sebastian. But if only we could have reached him sooner.

Disasters like the earthquake that took so much from Sebastian are happening more and more frequently, as we’ve seen with Indonesia’s recent tsunami. Our Emergency Response Appeal Fund means we can be there, ready to act for another child like him.

Sebastian now lives with his aunt and uncle in a tent camp. To see him with his crutches, you would think he had them his entire life. He has no trouble running, or darting between tents. The reason he is so comfortable with them is down to the incredible work of CBM’s partner physiotherapists - made possible with gifts from our supporters.

In many places, there are massive gaps in disaster response, especially for people with disabilities, which CBM is determined to fill. We are providing medicines and physiotherapy, surgeries to prevent countless cases of life-long disabilities, and ensuring people who already have disabilities are given emergency help likle food and shelter.

Please will you help more children like Sebastian by donating to CBM’s Emergency Fund appeal?