What does CBM do?

About our work


CBM is dedicated to helping people affected by the double-disadvantage of poverty and disability. Poverty and disability go hand-in-hand, making people with disability among the poorest in the world, and far more likely to be isolated, experience inequality.

We have community-based programmes in 53 countries, across four continents, working with local partners to help people break free from this cycle.

Our partners deliver medical services, community-based rehabilitation, access to education, livelihoods training, and emergency humanitarian response. We also work with local governments to ensure disability is central to services they provide and allocation of resources.

The CBM approach focuses on ensuring that no one is left behind and that the most vulnerable are included in both long-term development and disaster relief work. We address poverty both as a cause and a consequence of disability.

Along with other members of the international CBM family, this work delivers support services to 37.9 million people annually.


Some of our programmes...

Ken's eyes are checked for disease

St Francis Mission Hospital

Our doctors travel to patients who live in the most rural and poverty-stricken parts of Zambia's Eastern Province, to identify children and adults in need. They stay for about a week at a time and perform surgeries in the most extreme conditions - often without a local supply of water, to save the sight of people who would otherwise go blind.

A patient and his mother sittin gon a bed in HEAL Africa hospital, awaiting surgery

HEAL Africa

Our partner hospital HEAL Africa works in a poverty stricken region of the Democratic Republic of Congo that hasn’t known peace for decades. Children with impairments go untreated, and their disabilities only get worse. HEAL Africa helps these children in remote areas to provide surgery and rehabilitation.

Makida shows the camera medication she is taking to prevent trachoma infection

Trachoma Prevention

Trachoma is the leading infectious cause of blindness in the world. With the Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Ethiopia, we implement our SAFE programme (Surgery, Antibiotics, Face-washing, Enviroment) to save the sight of children and adults going blind, and also to prevent new trachoma infections. Women and children are most at risk and so they are a key focus of this work.

The feet of two children in DRC who have benefited from CBM supports

Solar Power in the DRC

Shirika la Umoja is a remote rehabilitation centre for people with disabilities in the North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In partnership with Australian Aid and ElectricAid, CBM Ireland is installing solar power in the centre, where work is often disrupted by long power cuts. This will improve the quality of services provided to the patients with disabilities who live in a very fragile part of the DRC, and need urgent support.

Alemnesh from Ethiopia has a huge smile as she shows off her walking with a frame after surgery

Bridging the Gap for People with Disabilities

In partnership with Irish Aid and local partners on the ground, CBM Ireland’s Bridge the Gap project will run in Amhara, Ethiopia from 2018 to 2021. It facilitates long-term sustainable change by removing physical, health, education and livelihood barriers that marginalise children and adults with disabilities. Working with local government, it will also strengthen mainstream medical services to focus more resources on work with people with disabilities.