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CBM offers help irrespective of religion and actively promotes inclusion of women and girls.
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Your signature has the power to transform lives

Your signature has the power to transform lives

CBM Ireland can claim tax back from your generous gifts

Did you know that your signature has the power to transform lives? If you donate €250 or more, by signing and returning a tax rebate form to CBM Ireland, you’ll enable us to reclaim 45% in taxback on your 2016 donations. 

Imagine, taxback money from your gifts working to help even more children like Gabriel, pictured above. Gabriel was born prematurely, and developed retinopathy as a result. Without surgery, he would have gone blind. But Gabriel received a sight-saving operation, thanks to generous supporters.

Please download the CHY3 taxback form available in the link at the end of this page. 

By doing this, you will help more children like Gabriel. Just complete these three simple steps...

1. Sign and date your taxback form
2. Write in your PPS number 
3. Send your taxback from to: CBM Ireland, M:TEK Building, Knockaconny, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will signing and returning the form affect my tax status?

Signing and returning the taxback form to CBM will not affect your tax status in any way.

2. How much money will CBM get in taxback from my donation?

Under the Revenue Commissioner’s taxback scheme, CBM can claim 45% in tax relief on your donation at no cost to you. For example, if you donated €250 to CBM last year, we can claim €112.50 in tax relief! Your taxback money will go toward helping more children living in poverty with a disability.

3. I support other charities. Do I need to fill out a form for each charity?

Yes, each charity needs to submit its own taxback claims to the Revenue Commissioner. That means you’ll need to complete a form for each charity you supported last year.

4. What is my PPS number and where do I find it?

Your Personal Public Service number is a unique reference number that allows you to access social welfare benefits, public services and information services in Ireland. You can find your PPS number on tax or social welfare documents, or it may appear on your payslip.

5. I’m self-employed, so can I claim the tax rebate for myself?

Regardless of whether you are PAYE or self-assessed (self-employed) you cannot claim the taxback for yourself. Only the charity can claim tax relief on its behalf.

6. I’m unemployed, so I don’t think I pay tax. Does that mean my donations won’t qualify for taxback to CBM?

The total amount of tax you pay in a year only needs to equal the tax rebate. So if you donated €250 to CBM last year, your tax rebate to CBM is €112.50. As long as you paid more than €112 in tax last year, your donation still qualifies for tax rebate to CBM.

7. I’m not comfortable sharing my details. Will my personal information be kept private?

We only need your signature and PPS number to process the tax rebate. We do not need to know your salary, tax status or any other personal information. CBM will only share your signature and PPS number with the Revenue Commissioner for the purpose of reclaiming taxback. You have our guarantee that your information is safe and secure with us.

8. I’m a pensioner – will my donations to CBM still qualify for a tax rebate?

Yes, once the total tax you pay in a year is equal to your tax rebate amount, your donations can still qualify for a tax rebate to CBM.

9. Do I need to tick the box on the form that asks if I am associated with the approved body (charity)?

You only need to tick this box if you are an employee of the charity.

10. Do I have to donate again if I sign the Enduring Certificate?

As of 2013, the CHY3 taxback form was renamed the Enduring Certificate. With the Enduring Certificate, if you choose to make donations to CBM over the next five years, we won’t have to send you a new taxback form every year. Please note that signing the Enduring Certificate does not obligate you to donate to CBM for the next five years. And if you prefer, you can complete an annual CHY4 form, which is valid for one year.

11. I still have a few questions about taxback that haven’t been answered.

We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions that supporters like you have
asked. But if have other questions or concerns that we haven’t addressed, please contact Aideen on 01 873 0300 or email her at aideenkiernan@cbm.ie.

Thank you for all you do to help brighten the lives of children living with a disability.



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