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Salman can now see the world and plan his future

With your support, we can save children like Salman from cataracts

Salman used to sit on the front bench in class, squinting and rolling his eyes, trying his best to read the letters on the board. His friends called him names like ‘blind’ and ‘one-eyed’.

When Salman was five, he complained about blurry vision. His parents brought him to a pharmacy, where he was given eye drops. A year later, his eyes got worse. His parents took him to a doctor who said there was a “white cloudy substance” in Salman’s eyes that would need to be surgically removed. The surgery would cost 30,000 rupees. Salman’s parents could not afford such an expensive treatment and gradually gave up all hope.
If left untreated, cataracts get progressively worse over time, and eventually cause permanent blindness. This would in turn prevent children like Salman from getting a good education and make their dreams come true.

Salman’s mother then heard about an eye outreach clinic run by our partner, Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital – a clinic that the generosity of people like you helps us fund. At the clinic, doctors confirmed Salman had cataracts. He had surgery and when he woke up, he looked at his mother. For the first time in his life, she didn’t appear as a blur to him. His mother was overcome with emotion. “I’m so happy for Salman. Thank you for restoring his sight. This is so overwhelming.”

As for Salman, he has ambitious plans for when he returns home. “I’ll make new friends at school. I’ll work hard and do well in my studies. I’ll become a doctor… I’ll also rid children of their blurry vision.”


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