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Help Mathias' dream come true

Born with bilateral cataracts, Mathias would never have been able to continue with school and become a bishop

Mathias is a friendly 10-year-old child. When you see him running down to the lake, you would assume that his vision is as good as other children’s. But when he has to focus on anything specific or walk in unfamiliar areas, it changes drastically. His grandmother Scovia realised there was something wrong with his eyes when he was only two months old.
“People in the village believed that someone might have cursed him. By the time he was one year old, it was clear that he could not see well. His mother took him to a hospital, but the physicians did not give him any medication or treatment after the check-up.”
Since childhood, Mathias has never been taken back to any hospital for follow-up.
“I made peace with staying with him as he is and leave the rest to God because we do not have money to take him to the hospital. We hear adverts on the radio about hospitals in Kampala that treat people with eye problems, but I don’t have money to take him there.”
Mathias lives alone with his grandma. So, however limited his functionality is, he helps her as much as he can. “Every time he goes to the lake to fetch water, I get worried that he might fall in. My heart races every time he takes too long to come back.”
At ten years old, Mathias is still in nursery school. But irrespective of his inability to see well, Mathias, like other children, has dreams.
“My greatest desire is to study to be a bishop. I want to be in God’s love, to serve him, confirm others in his faith and be a good Sheppard to others,” Mathias says.

But if he remains untreated, he will not be able to continue with school and become a bishop. Will you please donate today to save children like Mathias from blindness?

Mathias with his grandmother Scovia outside their home
Luckily, CBM team came to his village and brought him to our partner hospital in Uganda to be examined. He was diagnosed with bilateral cataracts and received surgery. He is now able to walk independently in places he is unfamiliar with.
Mathias’s sight has already improved significantly since surgery, but he still needs glasses to enhance his vision. For Mathias, getting glasses seems like a dream come true. He is gazing at his own image on the other side of the mirror. To his grandmother Scovia, Mathias getting glasses is an important moment of her life.
“Not even words can express how grateful I am to CBM donors for paying for Mathias’s surgery and treatment. I pray that God gives you everything your heart desires. For my grandson to be able to see, it has been the greatest gift I have received from God.”

“I thank all those who have helped me get the sight and glasses. I can see now. I am going back to school and I will perform better than the others,” Mathias happily adds.


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