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Give the Gift of Sight to a baby like Kopila

8 month old Kopila from Nepal, with her mother Ramala

Your generosity today could give a child a brighter future

For a child, there are few sights more comforting that their mother's face. But little Kopila was already 8 months old before she saw her mother's face clearly for the first time.

Without amazing CBM supporters, that moment might never have been possible. Without you, bilateral cataracts in Kopila's eyes would have eventually left her permanently blind. Kopila and her family live in an isolated mountain community in Nepal. And CBM funded Biratnager Eye Hospital is the only access they have to eye care.

Over two week doctors carried out two surgeries on Kopila, and her bi-lateral cataracts were removed. The first thing she did when the bandages were removed was reach for her mother's face. What a beautiful gesture from this little girl to a mother who would do anything for her.

Right now, a child like Kopila needs your help to save her sight. Will you send a gift to save her sight before it's too late? Call 1800 225 225 or donate here.

Kopila, after her surgery

"I learned from my previous visit that cataract should be removed as early as possible, or it might lead to further loss of vision. And I could not let that happen." Ramala, Kopila's mum.


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