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Help us protect children like Anwar from trachoma

Anwar in the arms of his sister
Anwar and his sister

How you can save a child's sight

Like any two-year-old Anwar loves watching the world around him. His mother baking, his father working their small patch of land. The family’s chickens as they peck grain from the dusty, dry ground. He takes it all in with the wonder that only a child has.

But without your help children like Anwar are in very real danger of losing their sight. You see, in the region of Ethiopia where Anwar lives, one in four children will contract trachoma. A horrible disease that if left untreated will cause them to go slowly and agonisingly blind. Young children, living every day with a tearing, itching pain in their eyes that won’t go away. And rubbing their eyes only makes the pain even worse. 

But with just one annual dose of an antibiotic drug called Zithromax for five years, you can protect children from trachoma for life. Zithromax has been donated by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer in support of the World Health Organisation’s global trachoma strategy. But we urgently need your help to deliver these vital, sight-saving drugs to children like Anwar who need them. 

And the cost of doing so is just 50 cent per child. But the more you give, the more children like Anwar we can help. Imagine an entire school or community safe from trachoma thanks to people like you.

Please will you send a gift today and prevent children like Anwar from going needlessly blind?

When we met Anwar’s family, his mother Ansha was extremely close to losing her sight due to very advanced trachoma. Ansha losing her sight would have been devastating, not just for her, but for her entire family. Especially Anwar who at just two years old is so dependent on his mother.

But we got there in time to stop that happening. Our Mobile Eye Clinic arranged for Ansha to have the treatment she needed. And each of her children was given the dose of Zithromax they needed to protect them from contracting trachoma. An entire family’s sight saved, isn’t that amazing? And it was only possible thanks to people like you. 

Ansha told us “I now understand how dangerous trachoma is and how easily it can spread. I want to thank everyone who organised the distribution of medication.” 

And by supporting CBM’s Mobile Eye Clinics, you can also help us bring the internationally recognised S.A.F.E (Surgery, Antibiotics, Face-Washing, Environmental Solutions) programme to entire communities like Anwar’s to eradicate trachoma. You see, poor personal hygiene and the lack of clean water have played a huge role in the rapid spread of trachoma in this region. 

Right now, we need your help to reach more children and their families. The drugs are ready and waiting. Now all we need is your help to bring this life-changing medication to children like Anwar who desperately need it. Your generosity will have a life-long impact in their lives as it will give them a chance to get a good education and build a better future.


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