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Children with disability are 1.7 times more at risk of violence including neglect, abandonment, abuse and sexual exploitation in comparison with other children (WBU).

Eklakh is now saved from a lifetime of blindness

His mother Rubi can finally start dreaming about his future

Eklakh was born with congenital cataracts in both his eyes and was becoming blind. It seemed very unlikely that he would ever go to school, reducing his chances to get a job and escape poverty.
Eklakh’s mom, Rubi, suspected that her son had a vision problem right from his birth.
“He didn’t react to my gestures. He would throw his head backwards and stare at any light in the house. His eyes rolled up and down all the time! Then when he was about six months old, I noticed a white spot in his right eye.”

Rubi was very alarmed and wanted to take Eklakh to an eye hospital straight away. But her family is very poor and Rubi’s husband Sabir worried they would not have enough money for treatment.
However, time was running out for Eklakh. You see, children with cataracts need to have surgery before the age of 8 or they will be forever blind as their vision will have been unused for too long for them to “learn” how to see.
But how do babies get cataracts? Congenital cataracts are most commonly caused by infections like measles or rubella during pregnancy. It’s actually quite common in developing countries like India – where Eklakh lives – for mums to contract these diseases. And it is currently estimated that up to 40,000 children a year are born with congenital cataracts.

Then, when Eklakh was two years old, Rubi heard about Biratnagar Eye Hospital – which is funded by CBM – across the border in Nepal. 
“I discovered that a lot of people from our area go there for eye treatment. I had thought that only my child had a vision problem, but when I got there I could see so many children waiting for eye treatment.”

At Biratnagar Eye Hospital, Eklakh was examined and diagnosed with bilateral congenital cataracts. He needed surgery to remove the cataracts and implant artificial intraocular lenses. To Rubi’s amazement, Dr Kumar Singh completed his appraisal with words she had not even dreamed possible: 

“Because Eklakh is just two years old, I believe he will have good vision after the surgery.” 

And thanks to wonderful CBM donors like you, the surgery would be free. Within the space of a few hours, Rubi had gone from believing that her little boy would be blind forever to seeing a completely different kind of future stretching out before him. Eklakh could be anything he wanted to be. Do anything he wanted to do. Go to school. Get an education. Get a good job and escape the cycle of poverty that blights so many lives in rural India. 

Soon after, Eklakh had the surgery, on his right eye first. The next morning, the nurse removed the patch and the doctor examined his eye and concluded that the surgery was successful. His mother Rubi was beaming.
“I am so grateful to CBM donors for providing treatment for my son. I can’t wait to see the change once both his eyes have been operated. This will change his whole life!”
This wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our supporters. Will you please donate today to make this same dream come true for another mother like Rubi, and another child like Eklakh?


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