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Easter Appeal

Sponsor a child's sight and stop them from going blind this Easter

Charles, after surgery
Charles, recovering from surgery
CBM met Charles when he was ten. His sight was so poor he could only distinguish between light and dark. Our project workers appeared as little more than shadowy silhouettes to him. We didn’t know if we’d be able to save Charles’ sight.

He had cataracts, possibly since birth. The problem is that if we don’t reach a child like Charles in time, then even surgery can’t save their sight. They go needlessly and permanently blind.

Charles’ family lived in a small village in Kampala, Uganda. His parents worked at small jobs, earning barely enough money to feed and care for the whole family. Even if his parents knew that all it took was a simple cataract operation to help Charles see, they couldn’t afford to pay for it. 

Charles’ father felt helpless, and worried every day for his son’s future … 

“It will not be easy for him if he stays with this condition. He would be dependent on us. How is he going to live as a blind person in the world we are living in today?”

New Hope
It was only when he heard about CBM funded Mengo Eye Hospital in Kampala, funded by supporters like you, that hope was slowly rekindled in him.

Charles' surgeon, Dr. Eberhard, examined his eyes. Because Charles had cataracts for so long, he needed surgery straight away. Dr. Eberhard scheduled his cataract operation for the next morning. But even with surgery, he was unsure as to how much of Charles’ sight he’d be able to save …

It’s only because of people like you, that Charles had made it this far. Thanks to you, he was in his hospital bed, awaiting surgery, hoping and dreaming he’d get his sight back.

The next morning, Dr. Eberhard operated on Charles, removing the cataracts from both his eyes and replacing them with artificial lenses. His eyes were treated with antibiotic cream and covered with patches. The anaesthetic kept him asleep for the rest of the day and through the night.
The next morning Dr. Eberhard arrived to find Charles sitting up in his bed and smiling. He brought Charles to the examination room and removed his eye patches. Charles squinted his eyes in the bright light as the nurse gave him another vision test. 

Charles was now able to see big letters with his left eye. Before surgery he could only distinguish between light and dark. 

In his right eye, Charles sight was four times better than it was before the operation. This was a huge improvement already – and it was only one day after his surgery!
Please give to the Easter Appeal and Sponsor a child's sight today

Your gift today will help CBM Ireland in it's mission to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities in the world's poorest communities

You make miracles happen

This is the power of your support. Through your generosity you can give children like Charles the most precious gift they could ever hope to receive – their sight.

His father couldn’t be happier about the outcome of Charles' operation… 

“We call it a miracle. I’m so happy! I’m looking forward to sending Charles to school. Now he talks about what we can see when we come to the hospital, cars and motorcycles. He didn’t do that before. He can read now. And he can play with other children.”

Thank you!


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