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Children with disability are 1.7 times more at risk of violence including neglect, abandonment, abuse and sexual exploitation in comparison with other children (WBU).


Nobody should go blind, simply because they are poor. With your help, they won’t

One of the Outreach vehicles that will travel from St Francis Hospital to rural areas
The Problem: CBM has identified a huge backlog of people in remote Eastern Zambia with treatable eye conditions, who are now at risk of blindness. There is very limited, almost non-existent eye care in the region, and 77.9% of people live beneath the poverty line. With no disposable income, and no means of transportation, people with treatable eye diseases cannot reach help.
Our Solution:
Because people cannot reach us, we have developed a programme of Surgical Eye Camps, to reach them. They travel from a central base at St. Francis Mission Hospital, heading out to the villages and communities where people need our help. They represent the only chance for many people to get the treatment and surgery they need, and to avoid going permanently blind.
Why we need your help:
We need eight camps to reach everyone. And we have been able to secure full funding for four of them (thanks to a very generous philanthropic foundation). However, four camps remain unfunded, with a total shortfall of €28,708.

We urgently need your help to make up this shortfall, so that we can run all 8 camps and reach everyone who needs us.

Please can we count on your support today? Your gift will help save the sight of another child like Ruth. Click here to donate or call 1800 225 225 now.

Ruth's story...

What happened to 9 year old Ruth is proof of the power your gifts have. She was born with cataracts in both her eyes. She could barely see a thing and was going blind when one of our Surgical Eye Camps arrived in her village in rural Zambia. That was the day her fortunes changed. Thanks to amazing CBM supporters, the Surgical Eye Camp that visited her village diagnosed her problem and arranged for rapid surgery. And today, as a result, she can see! But, hundreds of other children just like her may not be so lucky, because right now, half of our Surgical Eye Camps across Zambia are threatened by a severe lack of funding.


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