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Visual impairments are more common in the developing world due to quality of water, sanitation and nutrition, the availability of health care and basic medicines. Often simple interventions bring a large increase in quality of life.
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In the faces of the children below, you'll see the joy and hope that now shapes their lives.

Not everyone reaches out across the miles and the oceans and tries to see the world through the eyes of a little girl who’s going blind. And most people in this life cannot put themselves in the shoes of a little boy who can barely walk, and imagine what it must be like to hear over and over that there’s nothing to be done for your pain.

Right now there are children like Manisha and Achilles who are in desperate need of our help. Little ones with cataracts who are losing their vision. Children with physical disabilities preventing them from walking and developing. We need to help them before it’s too late.

Manisha was born with cataracts

Manisha was born with cataracts in both her eyes
The gift of sight is so precious . . . Manisha was born with cataracts in both eyes, and by the time we were able to reach her and help her, it was almost too late to save her sight.

Manisha is just an ordinary little girl. She likes to run around and play with her friends, it’s just, she can’t always keep up. She loves going to school, even though she can’t see the letters on the blackboard. And despite not being able to see more than a metre or so, she tries really hard to help her mum and dad around the house. 

Manisha was born with cataracts in both her eyes. At first, they were tiny, just two little white dots. But as Manisha grew, the cataracts grew too. She finally reached a point where she was close to going completely and permanently blind. 

But fortunately a CBM Outreach Worker visited her village in time. She was assessed and quickly referred for urgent surgery, which – thanks to amazing CBM supporters like you – went perfectly. 
Manisha doesn’t have to sit at the front of her class anymore, and helping out at home and playing with her friends is now easy! More importantly, her future is a bright one!

Achilles was born strong – but developed a bowed leg.

Poor diet and vitamin deficiencies caused Achilles' leg to bow.
The gift of mobility is an escape from a terrible future . . . Achilles was born strong – but developed a bowed leg. It got so bad that the damage was almost permanent. He was close to a lifetime of crawling on hands and knees. But fortunately, we found him in time.

It’s easy to see how terribly hard life must be for little Achilles. One look at his bowed leg and you can tell, can’t you? But what you can’t see, is the constant pain he lives with as his bone bends more with each passing day. 

It’s at its worst in the morning when he wakes up, and often makes him cry. But the most frightening thing is that it was getting worse and worse, and was at the point of being beyond help when we found him. Any longer, and he would have been unable to walk at all. He would have reverted to crawling. And would have faced an uncertain and frightening future.

 Fortunately, wonderful CBM supporters like you helped pay for his orthopaedic surgery and treatment. Today, Achilles is growing stronger and his leg is straightening and pain free. He can now play with his friends to his heart’s content. And he has a whole new life of promise ahead of him.

Please will you give a child a brighter, happier future...


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