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Psychosocial disabilities are common. 12–48% of all people will suffer from psychosocial disabilities at some point during their life (Source: WHO)
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2017 Supporter Newsletter is out now - call to request yours!

Last year, CBM Ireland's kind supporters gave people back their sight … their mobility … and most importantly, hope for a better future.

In CBM Ireland's 2017 "Your Eye on the World" supporter newsletter, you can read about some of the children whose lives are so much brighter today because of the generous support of the Irish public. You can read an update on how Whitney is improving, whose story we shared in our Christmas appeal.

You can also read about how swift response to Ethiopia’s food crisis helped feed and save children like Sira, who were on the brink of starvation.

And you'll meet Kenneth, a bright little boy who is walking tall and proud since CBM entered his life.

In our 2017 newsletter, you can also read about how we ensure that every euro of our donor's generous gifts works as hard as possible to help families in some of the world’s poorest places.

If you haven't already received a copy in the post, call us now to request your copy on 1800 225 225, or email Aideen at aideenkiernan@cbm.ie


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