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In 2013 1,003,703 assistive devices were distributed including 795,835 spectacles; 28,918 low vision devices, 21,427 hearing aids, 115,691 orthopaedic appliances and 41,832 other devices.
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What we do

three young boys laughing in school, drawing - one is a wheelchair user
Inclusive education in Tanzania

CBM strives to remove the barriers that marginalise people with disabilities in the most disadvantaged societies in the world. It does this by working with partner organisations in these regions, by influencing policy at all levels and by responding to emergencies and natural disasters.

Direct support

CBM targets the people affected by disability by supporting programmes - including health care, rehabilitation, education and livelihood opportunities - run by local partner organisations.

Advocacy and fundraising

Simultaneously, CBM advocates for inclusion following UN guidelines in powerful, international policy-making bodies, and campaigns and raises funds through its Member Associations.

Emergency response

On top of this ongoing development work, CBM has an experienced Inclusive Emergency Response team, who ensure that the needs and rights of this more-vulnerable section of society are not forgotten in times of conflict or natural disaster.

CBM Vision

An inclusive world in which all persons with disabilities enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential


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