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Conditions that are less common in industrialised countries often lead to widespread damaged hearing or complete hearing loss in developing countries
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Please will you save a child from going blind?

Novellah was born with normal sight. But one day when she was just two and a half, she had an accident while playing with her friends. She injured her eye badly enough to need treatment at a local clinic. She recovered well, but a few months later her mum and dad noticed a small white spot in her right eye. Her father, Yafesi, remembers feeling completely lost and helpless to do anything for his little girl.

"After several examinations, we were told the white spot was a cataract and Novellah needed surgery. But when I was told how much it would cost, I knew we could never afford to pay"

The cataract in Novellah's eye grew so large and so dense that it was covering her lens. Her right eye was virtually useless.

It costs €120 to remove a cataract from a child's eye, but such a sum was well beyond the means of Novellah's family. And the longer children like Novellah wait for surgery, the less chance they have of their sight being fully recovered. Eventually, they lose their sight forever.

Thankfully, before it was too late, Novellah's father heard of a CBM funded eye clinic in Kampala.

Thanks to a kind caring person like you - Novellah got the operation she needed and is now back home with recovered sight. And her future is looking brighter than ever.

Please will you help another child like Novellah by giving to our Christmas Gift of Sight Appeal today?

Surgery over. Cataract gone. Bandages off. Novellah now sees a bright future ahead.
Your gift will save the sight of another child, and help them see the world in all it's glory.

After surgery, Novellah recovers in her mother's arms

"I prayed for Novellah's healing, because God can do miracles. I feel good that she is finally going to be operated on because I know the eye will recover it's sight back".


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